Boity Thulo

* WARNING: This article contains nudity

It seems Ntsiki Mazwai isn’t the only celeb who locked horns with Prophet Musa Zondi, who criticised Andiswa Luthuli for baring her breasts in a sheer top.

“Was she meant to ask for your Almighty Patriarchal permission to do and wear whatever the f**k she wants?!!” Boity Thulo fumed in response to Zondi’s tweet, which sparked one of many debates on Twitter about a woman’s right to bare her breasts in public.

Some shared Zondi’s disapproval, labelling her a wayward “church girl”, while others defended her decision to dress as she pleases, saying it was “not a big deal”.


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The contentious topic saw many hitting back at another tweet posted by the star.

“Let's see yours then,” challenged Twitter user ‘Uncle G!’ (@TheFakeTycoon), to which Boity responded:


PG Mogale added: “Twitpic yo titties then if you're not afraid of judgement.”

Boity then referred him to her previous tweet.

Another user thought Boity had gone too far. 

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'Babes we turn up' said: "ok he is a moron we get it. Bt bringing up th mthr is below th belt. But then again mayb thts jus how u wr brought up (sic)".

But others, including comedian Deep Fried Man, supported Boity's view.



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