Black Coffee and Trevor Noah. Picture: Twitter

Award-winning local DJ Black Coffee made an appearance on "The Daily Show" with Trevor Noah on Monday in the US. 

In the South African reunion, Noah kicks off the segment asking the "Drive" producer why he thinks he blew up internationally. 

Black Coffee responded by saying that his story sounds like Noah's. He then took his statement back after the "Born a Crime" author said, "you think so?"

The "Get It Together" producer went on to list the reasons for his global success. 

"It's resilience, it's knowing hunger and knowing that you've experienced it and you don't wanna go back. It's working from nothing, knowing that you have nothing to lose and that's what has gotten me to where I am today". 

Noah said many African musicians aspire to create music like Americans or Europeans. What set Black Coffee apart was the fact that he never deviated from his South African sound, and that's what the world fell in love with.

Black Coffee responded that it wasn't always easy and it took patience, a good team and a love for what he does. 

In the final part of the interview, the "Your Eyes" hitmaker mentioned that Africa has a unique voice and that he wanted to bring that voice to a global stage by collaborating with big artists such as Usher while keeping his African sound. 

Over the weekend, Drake also shouted out Black Coffee on his Instagram Stories, posting videos of the "Superman" producer on the decks at a Toronto nightclub. 

*"The Daily Show" with Trevor Noah on Tuesday night, October 15 at 10pm on Comedy Central Africa (DStv 122).