Maps Maponyane. Picture: Instagram

TV personality Maps Maponyane‏ put the controversial singer Steve Hofmeyr in his place after he claimed that the old South African flag is a sign of pride.

After seeing a picture of a man with the old South African flag during the Black Monday protest the Top Billing presenter shared his feelings regarding the flag.

"So much hate out there man. These protests are sad to see when they're fuelled by nothing but hatred. Seeing that old South African flag", said Maponyane.
Bobby van Jaarsveld, who is currently a judge on 'The Voice SA', then quote tweeted Maponyane stated, "One asshole who did that😭

We don't stand for that at all. #BlackMonday is for ALL Farmers / Workers of ALL Colours shapes and sizes."
Hofmeyr then jumped in and said, "calling other folk's cultural pride&symbols "hate" is the very HATE we are marching against". 
Maponyane then clapped back saying, "no Steve, using such a poignant symbol that is indicative of people's pain, oppression & suffering can't be justified as "pride". It's hate."