Blxckie draws inspiration from sci-fi films like ‘Star Wars’ and ‘John Wick 4’ for ‘Ronda’ visuals

Blxckie. Picture: Instagram.

Blxckie. Picture: Instagram.

Published Apr 20, 2023


Blxckie has finally unleashed the music video for his standout “The4Mula” single, “Ronda”.

The single sees Blxckie, whose self-proclaimed nickname is “Somnyama, the greatest”, boldly proclaim that he’s the greatest artist in the rap game.

Directed by Jasyn Howes and produced by The Feels, “Ronda” visuals uses the multiverse to showcase a high-level Blxckie.

The music video takes inspiration from technology seen in action movies and sci-fi films like “Star Wars” and “John Wick 4”.

The music video premiered on MTV Base throughout Thursday before it went live on YouTube at midnight.

Howes, together with production company The Feels, built a futuristic story with Blxckie that takes on a movie persona in concept, production and final edit.

Howes shared the inspiration behind the video: “The concept for the video was inspired by a desire to shoot in a virtual production studio space with large format LED panels as a backdrop for a wide variety of settings, textures and landscapes. It was also a chance to experiment with Unreal Engine technology.

Blxckie added: “Creating this visual was new and very elevated from anything we have ever done before. It was incredible to see how creativity and technology can be manipulated to create a multidimensional narrative.”

“I loved creating this video – in fact its more than a music video and it was dope to be fully integrated in the process of creating it. I’m really proud of what we did as a team.

“I’m proud of myself and yeah – you’re about to watch the video of the year!”