Boity Thulo. Picture: Supplied

Change Down, Mzansi Magic’s new lifestyle car show, is set to rev the engines of petrol heads. It looks at things like accessories, clocks speed limits of rides and so on.

Now I’m no expert when it comes to wheels but I tuned in. It was lovely to see comedian Skhumba doing this thing as a co-presenter with Boity Thulo.

They both take turns in the driver’s seat.

Now I’m a fan of Thulo’s; I love how she’s always easy to watch. For me, I’ve found her presenting style true to who she is.

That said, and this isn’t for me to say, she didn’t seem at home in this new show.

As I pointed out earlier, I’m no expert when it comes to cars. But, after watching Thulo in the first episode, I was unimpressed.

I kept wanting her to come out of her perfectly poised shell and to get into the nitty gritties of talking about cars. She did a review of the Chevy Spark. That was cute. But when it came to the BMW 325i model that was being given away on the show, she fell flat.

And her choice of outfit – evening gown and stilettos – stood out for the wrong reasons. Thankfully, she later changed into clothes more befitting the ambiance and tone of the show.

Boity Thulo. Picture: Supplied

Skhumba is in his element translating the different worlds, from township to the track, with Thulo taking care of the latter.

However, I do feel that someone like Khabonina Qubeka, who has a better knowledge of cars, would have been a better fit as Skhumba’s co-presenter.

Overall, though, I enjoyed the show. I found it entertaining, especially when Jeff James did handled the car like a pro when he was spinning.

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And Warren Masemola was a really great sport.

Hopefully, after this pilot episode, this will get better as will Thulo. Not a bad first attempt, but there’s room for a few more improvement.

I will still be tuning in.