Boity Thulo. Picture: BET AFrica
Boity Thulo. Picture: BET AFrica

Boity reflects on reality show journey and next chapter

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Apr 29, 2020

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Not many celebrities can brag about buying a home, being a successful businesswoman and rapper - before the age of 30. Boity Thulo counts her blessing in that regard. 

It’s quite serendipitous that several days before her 30th birthday on April 28, the "Bakae" hitmaker toasted to a successful first run of her reality series, "Boity: Own Your Throne" on BET Africa. 

Her mom Modiehi Thulo and BFF Bob Sithole, better known as Bobby Blanco, also featured prominently on the show, where viewers got a sneak peek into her life away from the glare of flashing cameras, prying eyes and curious followers on social media. 

On having cameras in her private sanctuary and what she took away from the experience, she admitted: “Firstly, I realised I am far too patient, this was feedback received from people that have worked with other reality stars and I took this as a compliment. Shooting a reality show is not easy its harder than it actually looks on TV when it’s all chopped up and edited. 

“Number two (long pause), I learnt that I need to focus more on appointing a proper team. As I was watching the show, I realised that I need a solid team and I need to be a little bit more organised even though initially I thought I thought I am organised I am actually not organised. And, number three, I am always late (lol). In my head, I thought I was always on time but I was more (often) late than on time.”

On whether there were any cringe-worthy moments, Thulo laughed: “Not really but I didn’t realise that I have a habit of checking my phone while driving.  I even tweeted about it and apologised, this was a learning (curve) and I don’t do it anymore. It’s a terrible habit and after seeing it on the screen (I cringed) and had to reprimand myself. I now put my phone in the bag where I can’t reach for it and I rely on blue tooth.”

The star was glad to share the spotlight with her mother, too. 

She said: “The fans really enjoyed the relationship with my mom and I think that was the biggest highlight of the show. I am glad that my fans got to see that part of my life and to see who I really am and it is important for people to see who I am in a true sense and living my life unapologetically, without having to explain parts of me.”

Boity Thulo connecting with her roots in, "Boity: Own Your Throne". Picture: Supplied

The celebrity loved having her mom become “the star she is now” as well have her support and feedback. And she was chuffed to have fans get to see her musical journey unfold, too.

“That was dope.  I feel like South Africa saw a chunk of who I truly am,” she added. 

Recalling some of the feedback, she shared: “There was definitely negative and positive. But a massive chunk of positivity came from the fans and I am grateful for that because you never know what to expect. Most people really enjoyed and loved the show. 

"The biggest talking point was my relationship with Bobby as viewers didn’t understand his character and role in my life. 

"Another talking point was my mom being the breakout star of the show. I am grateful for both of them. Generally, people enjoyed the show and felt that it was relatable.”

How is she coping with the lockdown?

Thulo maintained: “I am coping very well, far better than I thought I would when I heard that there was going to be a lockdown. I had a sense of relief because I needed the break. In January, I had spoken to my manager Bash to leave a few dates open for me because as I needed to go on holiday to rest. It was like the universe knew that I needed a break and I am grateful and looking at the brighter side of it.”

Aside from dabbling more in the kitchen, unleashing the baker within, Thulo doesn’t mind doing a second season. 

She offered: “I really enjoyed the first season; it was a far better success than I thought it would be and it had more high moments than low ones. I would look at the idea of having a season two as I have a better idea on how I want the show run.  

"I now know the how and  I think I am better equipped to put out an even better show and give people more in the way that I understand and am comfortable with.”

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