Bonang Matheba. Picture: Instagram

When you're one of Mzansi's favourite media personalities, your name is worth its weight in gold so it comes as no surprise that Bonang's name is being used in an alleged SMS competition scam — or at least her fans think it is.

While the SMS doesn't specifically state "Bonang Matheba", she's clearly been receiving queries about the competition and took to Twitter to set the record straight. 

Sharing a screengrab of the SMS, Matheba wrote: "Stop asking me about this competition!!! I am NOT RUNNING ANY COMPETITIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sic). 

The SMS in question read: "You won R100K with Bonang. Winnings will be paid via, set up a skrill account and fill in the info form here: [bitly link]."

As usual, fans quickly weighed in on the matter with one user asking: "Maybe it's a different Bonang?," while another blamed her ex-boyfriend, rapper AKA.

Meanwhile, one user, who was clearly unimpressed with the tone of the tweet and multiple exclamation marks commented: "Address us nicely, fam. Please".

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