Bonang Matheba's not one for kids being spanked by their parents at home. Picture: Instagram
The Constitutional Court on Tuesday ruled that corporal punishment at home was unconstitutional and Bonang Matheba had a hilarious response. 

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng delivered the Constitutional Court’s unanimous judgment that effectively outlawed spanking of children by their parents.

Justice Mogoeng said parents’ entitlement to chastise children moderately and reasonably had been used as an escape route from prosecution or conviction.

The case reached the Constitutional Court as a result of a father who attempted to invoke the common law defence of reasonable and moderate chastisement. Although he smacked and kicked his son for allegedly watching porn, the father claimed he was disciplining the child.

Following the announcement, the "Being Bonang" star tweeted: "I can hear all the African moms already 'not in my household!' "

The B-Force also shared their thoughts on the judgment.