Bonang Matheba. Picture: Instagram

Bonang Matheba's management company replies to claims by her former makeup artist, Muzi Cebolenkosi Zuma, that the local presenter still owes him R25 000 for services rendered.

The allegations came about after a Twitter user asked Zuma through Curious Cat (a website which allows users to ask questions anonymously) whether things between him and Bonang are still cool. 

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Zuma then replied saying "No we're not, she still owes me".

In a series of tweets later on the makeup artist then claimed that Matheba apparently owes him R25 000 and that his mother wanted to get her lawyers involved but he doesn't want to waste money. 

IOL Entertainment reached out to Matheba's management company C.S.A Global with the Executive Director Davin Phillips stating: "Muzi Zuma’s claim is news to us as this expense has already been charged to Ms Matheba by her previous management company, who then should have paid Mr Zuma."

Let it be recorded that we have yet to be contacted by Mr Zuma which we find surprising considering the claims being made on Twitter,” 

One of Zuma's former clients DJ Zinhle was also dragged into the mix when one Twitter user claimed the reason Zuma left DJ Zinhle was that she was "unprofessional". 

The 'My Name Is' producer then quickly refuted the claims and stated that she doesn't understand why she's being "slandered" and used "services & paid". 

She also cleared the air on why she moved on from Zuma stating she "didn’t [want to] align with the people he had started working with".

Adding that she will "let B sort him out".