DJ Fresh. Picture: Twitter

Metro FM listeners are demanding answers from the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Taking to Twitter on Monday, fans want to know whether DJ Fresh (real name Thato Sikwane) is coming back to his breakfasts show.

This comes after DJ Fresh was pulled off air for using “foul language” a few weeks ago.

DJ Fresh’s used the word "msunery" in response to a listener's comments during an interview with Khanya Mkangisa on May 20.

“Msunery" is taken from the isiZulu swear word “msunu”, which loosely translates to a**hole.

He was chatting to Mkangisa about her arrest the weekend before. Someone posted a video of the young actress getting arrested for driving under the influence. 

During the show, some listeners accused DJ Fresh of  defending Mkangisa’s behaviour and he didn’t take lightly to the accusations. Fresh responded to another listener stating that the listener should "stop tweeting from his a**. 

Fans of the "Fresh Breakfast" show previously threatened to boycott Metro FM if he was not reinstated and they are back again, demanding DJ Fresh's return to the airwaves under the hashtag: "Bring Back DJFresh".

SABC spokesperson Vuyo Mthembu confirmed that DJ Fresh has been “unscheduled” from his show but refused to comment further.

“The SABC can confirm that Mr Thato Sikwane has been unscheduled on Metro FM until further notice. This is a matter between the organisation and Mr Sikwane and the SABC is not in a position to comment further,” he said.