The Ndlovu Youth Choir. Supplied
The Ndlovu Youth Choir. Supplied

Bushfire 2021 Digital Festival set to take place this weekend

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Sep 23, 2021

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Bushfire is once again igniting the spark of creativity and inviting music lovers from around the world to immerse themselves in the Bushfire 2021 Digital Festival experience.

The festival will be an experience that includes a variety of exclusive content and a broad range of top artists from Africa and across the globe.

The line-up includes stars like Nubya Garcia, Mayra Andrade, Jeremy Loops, the Ndlovu Youth Choir, Qhibo & Hanwah, Sun-El Musician, Tendaness, Sudanese-American rap phenomenon Oddisee, and more.

Last year the #KeepTheFireBurning 2020 Digital Festival was the first fully online festival due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Organisers learnt a lot of lessons in a very short period of time after putting it together in just over a month. This year things will be a little different.

“This year, we have a much better understanding of the digital space and what it requires. We have a much tighter focus, with shorter performance segments and more manageable bite-size content.

“This provides a quicker turn-over, as it were, so more artists can be showcased without risking losing the audience.

“On 24th September, we’ll be showing 4 hours of content on one stream, and we’ll have just one festival Zoom Room. We’ve also had more time to prepare and concentrate on producing a finer quality of product,” said Jiggs Thorne, Bushfire organiser.

While virtual concerts and festivals are very different to live performances for fans and festival-goers, it’s just as different for organisers too.

“It’s just as much work as producing a live festival, if not more! And we’re doing this on smaller budgets!

“But yes, it’s very different and quite difficult for unexpected reasons.

“We’re used to that live, in-person experience, where we can feel the music and the energy and react to it physically. It’s a little harder to appreciate the tangible results when it’s all onscreen because we’re used to feeling it,” said Thorne.

During the festival, there will be an attached Zoom Room for festivalgoers to show off their festival garb and dance moves, as well as catch up with old friends - or make new ones. Bushfire backdrops will be available to download for viewers. Also, access to the Bushfire 2021 Digital Festival is free.

Go to Bushfire 2021 Digital Festival to claim a free pass.

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