Cape Town - Cape Town-based start-up radio station, Vibe Radio, has been voted one of Cape Town’s best radio stations by OfLocal - a popular website which enables users to list or vote for their favourites in a variety of categories.

The youth radio station deals with the vast majority of teenage-related issues and features music and allows the audience to interact with them through social media. The station was founded in December 2011 by Lance Anthony Petersen. “It’s a big surprise actually,” Petersen said.

Vibe radio’s ethos is to provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work. “It wasn’t meant to be a business, It was just supposed to be a platform for artists to feature their work and for the youth to have conversations and fun,” Petersen said.

Vibe radio also features many shows and showcases a powerful team behind the microphone. “We have three amazing girls that host a show, Girl Talk. They hold mind-blowing conversations. We also have a show that focuses on the LGBT community, Petersen said.

"One of our biggest trending shows, Pascoe and Pears, is a show that trends basically every week on Twitter,” he added.

Cape Town is home to a large number of radio station audiences with many opting to utilise online more.

So what separates Vibe radio from the rest? “Our radio station is unrestricted; we talk about issues that many radio stations refuse to talk about. We deal with real conversations that are unscripted,” Petersen said.

Jade Robertson more popularly known as “Just Jade”, who is a Cape Town blogger, also hosts a show on Vibe Radio, Trending. “I think it is so cool that we are being finally recognised as a online platform that’s actually for the youth,” Robertson said.

Petersen hopes to expand his business and attract more investment in his station this year.

“People can expect more shows and also have more underground artists' work featured”.

Vibe is looking for fresh new talent for there shows. Youngsters who want to pursue a career in radio are encouraged to apply by emailing [email protected]

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