Prince Kaybee and Cassper Nyovest. Picture: Instagram
Prince Kaybee and Cassper Nyovest. Picture: Instagram

Cassper Nyovest dares Prince Kaybee to a boxing match and promises to knock him out

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published May 25, 2021

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Ring the alarm, it’s a bit tense on the Twitter streets between Cassper Nyovest and Prince Kaybee.

This week hip hop heavyweight Cassper decided to reignite his beef with award-winning DJ and music producer Prince Kaybee.

The next chapter in their book of beef started when, out of nowhere, Cassper took to Twitter to say that celebrity boxing needed to be brought to Africa because he felt it would as successful as it is in the USA.

“Celebrity boxing is sooo big in the States, I think we could make decent money in Africa with it too. It could also boost boxing on the continent. Who do you think would make a great boxing fight?” asked Cassper.

He followed up his tweet by saying that he saw how people wanted him to fight Kaybee.

“I been tweeting about #CelebrityBoxing since last night and the fights people would want to see.

“A lot of people are saying me and Princess Kaybee.

“I know he likes talking big sh** but I don't think he has the guts to get in the ring with me. If he is game, I’m definitely game”, tweeted Cassper.

From that point, things took an offramp.

Cassper’s tweets caught the attention of Kaybee, who said he was more than happy to meet Cassper in the ring, considering they had actual issues to iron, or in this case, punch out.

“Lol ehhh you unblocked me? I have beeeeeeen wanting to f*** you up, like kgale keo kgalla hlem. Thank God!” responded Kaybee.

Cassper hit back saying a date should be set.

“Let's goooooooooo!!!!!! I know you been wanting my attention, you have it now ... Let's pick a date and run it!!! My people will call yours and we pick a date,” said Cassper.

Kaybee made it clear to Cassper that he has never wanted his attention but just his jawline.

See the rest of their tweets below:

This is not the first time the duo have exchanged unpleasantries on Twitter.

In 2019 they fought over who has bigger biceps, with Cassper saying Kaybee had “bad bitch” tendencies after Kaybee said Cassper had no arms to show off.

In 2020 they also had it out on Twitter over the ownership of masters.

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