Cassper Nyovest says Slik Talk fight might be back on

Cassper Nyovest. Picture: Instagram

Cassper Nyovest. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 30, 2021


The back and forth between rapper Cassper Nyovest and YouTuber Slik Talk has been one of the more entertaining sagas we've witnessed in South Africa this year.

The pair initially agreed to a boxing match two weeks ago, but over the past week the pair have traded insults and accused each other of playing dirty during negotiations.

First it was Slik Talk who claimed that Cassper had suddenly changed the rules from the initial offer where the "Siyathandana" rapper had said he'd pocket R100K, no matter what the outcome of the fight was.

Then on Thursday, in announcing that the fight was cancelled, Cassper claimed that Slik Talk was now demanding R200K: R100K for the fight, R50K for medical costs and an additional fee of R50K to promote the fight.

However, on Monday Cassper claimed that the fight might be back on after Slik Talk sent a contract.

"... He sent a signed contract. Fight might be back on, if he gave us the right info. If he keeps his word then this December, we put on a show.

“Great entertainment and I get to give him a lesson on a subject we call "Go Phela Le Batho". If he don't chicken out."

The rapper went on to add that he questioned whether Slik Talk, whom he refers to as a nerd and a bully, had the guts to show up for a "definite beating".

"I've seen so many movies about nerds who find comfort hiding behind their computer screens. I believe he is one of them. If he does show up, I will pay him."

He went on to add: "I'm definitely gonna knock him out. He talks too much sh** for me to be lenient on him. He must face the music. I am going to punish him."

After a Tweep suggested that he would be making a lot of money from this fight and he should give Slik Talk a million rand, Cassper claimed that he wouldn't be making any money from the fight.

"No I'm not. Not making money from this fight, not even trying to. Definitely a bigger cause but you'll see as we roll out."

It'll be interesting to see what happens next as this saga continues to unfold.