Cassper Nyovest. Picture: Instagram

A troll's attempt to shade Cassper Nyovest backfired on Tuesday when he claimed to have seen the rapper's Grade 10 report.

@Black_JusticeSA tweeted: "Today I saw Cassper Nyovest Grade 10 report [for] term 2. Yoh, people can fail shame".

While Nyovest didn't initially deny JusticeSA's claim, it didn't take long for the "Move For Me" hitmaker to clap back with the weight of his bank balance. "I can also show you my bank account if you like. When would you like to see it?" he wrote when quote-tweeting JusticeSA.

Nyovest's response in turn sparked a debate among fans. Some said he shouldn't change the topic because no "amount of money can actually justify the worth of education". 

While others argued that his level of education didn't matter because "he wanted to pursue a career in music. And he's flourishing. Way more than those who keep ridiculing him".

Another added that education doesn't always mean money. "... there are people with Honours Degrees sitting at home with 0 balance in their bank accounts. I have a law degree and my balance right now is at 34 bu[c]k," commented @tinnerturnerT.

While fans seemingly agreed to disagree on the value of education, Nyovest said that he thinks education is "very important".

In a series of tweets, Nyovest, whose mother and father are teachers, explained that while JusticeSA's tweet "is a lie" and he thinks "school and education is very important but I will not let someone belittle what I have done with my life".