The South African comedy industry has come a long way since Biltong and Potroast. From chicken chain restys sponsoring comedy shows to comedians cracking jokes about the sushi king and more, the funnymen and women of this country have kept us in stitches.

The Comic’s Choice Winner’s Lap event, which comprises the nominees and winners from an awards show that allows those in the business to rate each other, can be seen as comedy connoseuirs curating comedy shows just for us.

You can see Dillan Oliphant (see main story) share the stage with Monique Nortje who was nominated in the newcomer category. She is one of the leading improv comedians in the country, but can still hold her own in regular sets, too.

Also nominated in the newcomer category are brothers Donovan and Jason Goliath who run The Box comedy events as Goliath and Goliath. Donovan’s dexterity lies in his multi-cultural (and lingual) abilities. He can let you in on some deep Xhosa sayings while musing about modernity in city life.

Durbanite Robby Collins, who is stages his The Bushman’s Crazy in Durban’s BAT Centre on Saturday, will perform at Winner’s Lap on Friday only. He was nominated in the BlackBerry Break-through category. So was Mpho Popps. Ridiculously funny and partial to ridiculously tight jeans, Popps is definitely one to watch.

The winner of the BlackBerry Break-through category was Tats Nkonzo, who has become the new darling of musical comedy.

Sorry, Deepfried Man.

Nkonzo has had a great year which saw him chosen to present the SA’s Got Talent TV show.

With these comedians honing their skills at every stage possible, it’s safe to say the future of comedy is in good hands.

No pressure.