Enhle Mbali. Picture: Instagram
Enhle Mbali. Picture: Instagram

Cathy Guetta is the sweetest, says Enhle Mbali

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Jul 2, 2019

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Enhle Mbali finally broke her silence following speculation that her husband DJ Black Coffee was cheating on her with French socialite Cathy Guetta, the former wife of David Guetta.

The rumours started making the rounds last week after Guetta posted a video of her and Black Coffee exchanging hugs at Cannes, France, where the DJ was playing.

Late on Friday night, Black Coffee tweeted that Cathy was in fact a business partner.

On Monday, The Herd actress shared a throwback video of her and Cathy being very affectionate towards one another. 

In the video posted on her Instagram story, she was heard saying "Cathy is the sweetest, sweetest...I love you”, while she repeatedly kisses Cathy on the cheek.

The video was recorded in July last year.

In the caption, Enhle explains how she was invited to Cathy’s restaurant.

"@cathyguetta has me in her restaurant @turquoisebyguetta wall of game," she wrote.

Though the insta story is no longer available, it was quickly grabbed and shared on Twitter.

But tweeps just had to drag Bonang and DJ Zinhle into the mix:

Meanwhile, Black Coffee rubbished the cheating allegations on Saturday, insisting that Guetta was nothing more than his business partner.

 Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

" “1. It's quite sad that on social media people are so quick to confidently vilify & lynch people without a shred of evidence ITO (in terms of) wrongdoing. For the Record: Cathy Guetta is nothing more than a business partner and shall remain so for the foreseeable future. 

“2. All the lynch-mob mentality is doing, is hurting people and their kids. This is not a game,” said Black Coffee on Twitter.


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