Sherlin Barends. Picture: Supplied
Sherlin Barends. Picture: Supplied

Celebrate the naked crown with Sherlin Barends

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Oct 13, 2017

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Be Bald and Be Free Day on October 14, is the celebration of the naked crown. 

Over the years women have shaved their hair off in solidarity of challenging societal beauty expectations and norms. 

These women include: Sinead O’Connor, Willow Smith, Lady Gaga, Grace Jones, Natalie Portman, Amber Rose, Demi Moore and even Bald Barbie (in support of kids with cancer).

In 2012, KFM Breakfast presenter and feminist Sherlin Barends refused to keep up with beauty standards or the obsession with female beauty being equivalent to a hairstyle, its length or colour any longer…so she shaved off her shoulder length hair and never looked back. 

Her goal was to challenge traditional beauty standards and become, as she puts it: “…completely and unapologetically Sherlin Barends.”

Not only has she held her bare head high for almost five years, saved time in the morning when getting ready and saved money on hair products.

"I had my first relaxer when I was 5/6.  I shaved off all my hair when I was 22.  I attempted (and failed) to grow out my natural hair somewhere in between. 
Women (and men) should be able to choose whether they want to rock natural or chemically treated hair, but how much of it is really a choice, when you're raised to hate your hair's natural texture?," she wrote on Instagram.


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