Connie Ferguson celebrated ‘resilient and multitalented’ daughter Ali on her birthday

Connie Ferguson. Picture: Instagram

Connie Ferguson. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 9, 2022


Connie Ferguson recently took to her Instagram page to wish daughter Ali a happy 20th birthday.

The actress and entrepreneur expressed how proud she is of Ali and encouraged her to be grateful for life on this her first birthday since her dad, actor Shona Ferguson, died last year.

Connie also expressed how her late husband is proud of her.

“My baby is 20 today! @ali.ferguson_ My "Dhando". You are wise beyond your years! Kind with a heart of gold! Resilient beyond imagination and multitalented! Innately so!

“I thank God for the gift of you, and pray that even though today is your first ever birthday without Dad, He gives you the strength to draw from your memories with your ‘Dupe’, cherish them, be grateful for life and celebrate your milestones!

“Daddy is very proud of and so am I! Love you my baby girl! Happy birthday!”

She then took to her Instagram Stories to share a post with Ali. "I love you my beautiful girl. Glad you enjoyed your birthday," she said.

Last week, Connie reflected on the first day of her return to the set of “Kings of Joburg”, which Shona was the executive producer for. Last Monday, marked the first day of shooting the upcoming season of the series.

“Dear Sho. My angel, thank you for everything! Day 1 of KOJ on the 1st working day of the week was a success! You’d be very proud of the team! I certainly am! Long live my king. Long live!” she wrote.

It’s been 10 months since Shona portrayed the character Simon “Vader” Masire, a member of the KOJ brotherhood and the eldest of the Masire siblings.