Connie Ferguson shuts down conversation over casting her ex husband in ‘Kings of Jo’burg’

Connie Ferguson. Picture: Instagram

Connie Ferguson. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 27, 2023


The most anticipated second season of “Kings of Jo’burg” has finally dropped on Friday, January 27, and judging by the fan reaction on social media, the show is already a hit.

“Kings Of Jo’burg” is the brainchild of Shona Ferguson, who died from Covid-19-related complications in 2021.

Speaking to Bongani Bingwa on 702 on Friday morning, executive producers, Connie Ferguson and Samad Davis said they were humbled to finally share with the world, a show that will not only blow the viewers’ minds but also serve as a tribute to Shona Ferguson.

Connie hailed her team for their unwavering support after Shona’s death18 months ago, explaining that not having her husband by her side was the “hardest thing” she had to do in her life.

“Shona and I were together for 20 years and we were literally joined at the hip the whole time.

“There's nothing that I haven't done with my husband since we were together. So now, just trying to find my feet on my own, was just so hard, but I think I'm so lucky and blessed to have had the right support around me.

“People walking with me, holding my hand, telling me, ‘Sis, we can do this’.

“My team, my producers, my director, were constantly saying ‘cons, we can do this, not only for Sho, but for you’. They call me the queen … they would say, ‘our queen, we can do this’.

“And it's those affirmations from everybody else that gave me a lot of confidence to say, ‘you know what, my better half may not be here, but I'm not alone’,” Connie said.

During the interview, Bingwa posed a question about casting her ex-husband, veteran actor and director Neo Matsunyane.

He asked: “A point of controversy, I mean, not for you, but for certain viewers that might raise an eyebrow or two ... you’ve cast Neo Matsunyane in the second season?

To which the former “Generations” actor responded: “First of all, I'm not the casting director.

“Some decisions are made independently, with that said, Neo is a brilliant actor, he’s a brilliant performer and he suited the role perfectly, so why not cast Neo and why is there a point of controversy?”

Matsunyane and Connie tied the knot 1993 and divorced in 1998. The pair share a daughter, Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson.

The new season of the award-winning series explores secrets, lies and betrayals that notoriously plague the Masire family as a reluctant new king steps into power in the second season of “Kings of Jo’burg”.

“We needed to honour him. We kept his memory alive in the story. Simon (played by Shona) is still a big part of the story, even though the physicality of the character is not there.

“So I think the people are really going to enjoy what we've done with one," she said.

Directed by Samad Davis, Andries van der Merwe and Zolani Phakade, “Kings of Jo’burg” season two will see the return of Connie Ferguson, Zolisa Xaluva and Thembi Seete and some new faces, including Sello Maake kaNcube, Thapelo Mokoena and Neo Matsunyane.