Costa Titch. Picture: Instagram
Costa Titch. Picture: Instagram

Costa Titch gets caught in a web of cultural appropriation accusations

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Oct 15, 2020

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New kid on the hip hop block Costa Titch has landed in hot water after being accused of cultural appropriation.

Costa, who recently released his debut album “Made In Africa”, has been the talk of the hip hop community, scoring features from Cassper Nyovest, AKA, Riky Rick and YoungstaCPT.

His star seems to be rising with DJ Speedsta hailing his debut album as the best hip hop of the year. However, many people have been cautious about his persona and have asked if he is a culture vulture.

When the initial concerns surfaced Stogie T and Cassper defended him with the “By Any Means” posting: “I am not a fan of Costa Titch but trust me, Ain’t nobody going to tell us he stealing culture. You mahfahkahs let people jack actual songs from artists without saying shit and you mad at young boy for living his dream. Nah! I ain’t for that!”

And the “Friday Night“ rapper saying: ”I can vouch for Costa being a real one. As much as the conversation is important, I don't think Costa should be the face of cultural appropriation.

“He just a young kid who loves our culture and they having fun. The politics kill things before they start. Let the young man shine.“

A video has surfaced in which Costa talks about why he uses vernac in his music and his writing process.

He says he gave his friends lyrics to translate for him. Although he understands what his friends are saying when they have a conversation in Zulu in front of him, he didn’t study the language or grow up with it.

He also admitted that he wrote a song using Google translate.

Costa said he was baffled by local artists who don’t use vernac in their music.

“There’s a lot of African artists that I’m friends with that can speak Zulu, Swati, all these things fluently, but they rap in English,” he said.

He pointed out that to be successful in South Africa you have to appeal to the masses.

Tweeps didn’t take kindly to his comments and used this interview as proof that he is a culture vulture.

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