Pearl Modiadie and David Tlale. Picture: Instagram

Local presenter Pearl Modiadie and local designer David Tlale have been accused of stealing TV show concepts from content creator Glodine 'Vuvu' Makapela.

The shows in question are 'Raw Slik' with Modiadie as the host and Tlali's reality TV show 'The Intern' which Makapela claims have similarities to the concept she pitched to the SABC in 2013. 

This comes after Makapela called out Modiadie in a Twitter post on Tuesday:  "This is my concept. I pitched to u pearl 2013 u said u cudnt be a part cos u worked at a diff channel. half of sabc was sent concept, we shot pilot with the designers - they own the show! @SaraBaartjies @morphe_clothing @lloydhotsense @ChocolatePout etc (sic)" she wrote. 

Modiadie then responded with: "I’m sorry that your show wasn’t commissioned, but your accusations are unacceptable!".

Speaking to TsishaLIVE, Makapela claims that she has the copyrights for the "Top Designer" show she pitched since 2011, and that parts of her concept were used in Modiadie and Tlale's shows.

 "I just want them to compensate the idea they stole. Copyright is copyright. Before we go the legal route, they must understand that we're giving them a chance to come clean. If it was us who stole this idea from them, they were gonna drag our names to the gutter."

Some of the designers who were used on the pilot also confirmed to TsishaLIVE that they did take part in the pilot confirming that they worked on the project. 

Modiadie said that she was confused by the online attack and that Makapela needs to take the issue up with the SABC.

"If anything, she should be approaching the SABC because she's accusing them and the production company. So when it comes to intellectual property, I'm not involved with (that)."

Tlale's manager Davin Phillips also refuted the claims saying: "I find it difficult for Ms Makapela to make such claims, when she has never even met Mr Tlale, or had any formal dialogue with him. Equally, Mr Tlale launched "The Intern" by David Tlale in 2011, which is a platform that has enjoyed great success". 

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago has responded to the claims saying: "It is really difficult for the SABC to verify any such claims without the producer/individual formally submitting their claim. They can submit their written complaint to ... the Commissioning Manager." 

Kganyago went to details the protocol in place when the national broadcaster has to deal with such claims.

"The SABC, like all other intellectually driven entities receives such claims regularly, especially for existing programmes. The SABC strives to adhere to ICASA’s complaint protocols.The SABC keeps accurate records of all its proposal submissions, dates, etc. If a claim is found to have validity it is forwarded to SABC’s forensic audit department to investigate independently of the Television Department."