David Tlale. Picture: INL

Local fashion designer David Tlale has been caught in a fiery dispute with the winner of 'The Intern' with regards to not receiving the stipulated prizes. 

After a heated dispute between 'The Intern' winner Kuena Moshoeshoe and David Tlale, the SABC has now stepped in to resolve the issue of the winner not receiving her prize. 

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In a statement released by the national broadcaster, they stated that they have "noted the reported dispute between David Tlale and the winner of The Intern, Kuena Moshoeshoe" and that they have "made interventions between the two parties in an attempt to find a workable solution".

Speaking to TsishaLIVE, Tlale claims that he was the one who contacted the SABC because he thought the ongoing dispute was getting nowhere near a resolution. 

"I asked them to step in because we need to put the matter to rest. It has been going on for a while. The winner is not accepting or signing the work contract and that is the holdup. 

I have stipulated that the idea for this whole show was to win an opportunity to be my intern and the ultimate prize was to be my intern for a year. 

The cars and the studios were all frills and feathers to improve the intern's life and help it run smoothly."

Moshoeshoe previously stated she had not received her prizes and felt that she had wasted her "time and money" after winning the competition. She has yet to comment on the new developments. 

Tlale also added that they will be "tightening" their "contracts" and that they would "communicate clearly to the interns what the prizes are, and how it is supposed to happen" for the filming of the upcoming second season