Denise Zimba counts her blessings

Denise Zimba. Picture: Instagram

Denise Zimba. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 2, 2023


Actress Denise Zimba took to Twitter to let everyone know how blessed she is in the life she leads.

The “How To Ruin Christmas” season three actress feels blessed to lead such a beautiful life with a great family support structure.

In the tweet, Zimba gave thanks to God for being able to work “whenever” she feels like, for getting to travel a lot and for having the “kindest in-laws”.

“I get to work whenever I feel, without the pressure of needing to. My child speaks 3 languages, & has two passports. I’m learning a new language, I travel a lot.

“My husband cooks amazing food, & gifts me with so much time & love. My in-laws are the kindest people. THANK YOU GOD♥️,” wrote Zimba.

While the post was motivational for some, the media personality had her followers and fans begging her to come back to the entertainment industry full-time – where she is extremely loved.

“I’m happy for you but when are you coming back to SAn TV full time? I miss you on my screen and HTRC reminded me how much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭,” wrote @Babeswitdaheat.

@JuelzGule wrote that she should do a reality show, and @NombusoTheEmpr1 suggested that she’d be interesting to watch.

Last year, the actress tied the knot to Jakob Schlichtig, the father of her child.

The couple, who have been together for more than four years, said their “I dos” with their baby girl beside them.

The Schlichtigs had their first child, Leah Lilli-Rose, in July 2019. Zimba had some complications during pregnancy, and when her child turned one, she wrote a sweet tribute to her.

“You, my perfect human. You, that matters more than anything in this world! You, who loves me so, and brings so much joy and unity to your papa and I. You, whose laugh is like no other. You, my perfect human.

“Thank You, Dookie for reminding me how powerful I really am. Happy 1st Birthday,” she said at the time.