Lasizwe Dambuza. Picture: Instagram.
Lasizwe Dambuza. Picture: Instagram.

Did Lasizwe lie about buying a house?

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Mar 13, 2018

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Blogger Phil Mphela called out Lasizwe Dambuza on his Instagram post about buying a house in February, implying that he owned it from his hard-earned money, but was later revealed that the YouTube blogger and radio presenter rents the house with his boyfriend. 

Taking to Twitter, Mphela asked Lasizwe why he lied about buying a house.

Mphela's tweets stemmed from a Drum article that mentions actress Khanyi Mbau's  (who is related to Lasizwe) disappointment in the false achievement made by Dambuza. 

Dambuza responded to Mphela's tweets with his own screenshots of his actions, stating that he had never stated that he had bought the house, but implied that anyone could achieve what he had achieved. 

Mphela sent a tweet back to Dambula by calling him a liar and lying to all of his fans, who had been praising the  presenter for the supposed purchase of the apartment. 

Fans struggled to choose sides when they commented on the Drum article and Mphela's tweets, saying that while Dambuza did not say that he was staying with his partner, he had not said that he had purchased the house. However, others reminded fans and Twitter users of Dambuza's video, where he announces the news of his new home, and says how he wished his mother was with him. 

Below is the original post on Instagram of Lasizwe Dambuza in his new home:


Dear Mom, Your son 🏡! From Pimville Soweto to Sandton - #LOOKATGOD

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