Thulasizwe Dambusa aka @Lasizwe. PICTURE: [email protected]

Thulasizwe Dambuza is the South African version of Karlton Humes (@notkarltonbanks), except he doesn't just share funny content on just church stuff, he goes for everything.

The self-made star was a guest at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2016, was featured on Vuzu Amp and on MTV Base's Newsish. He joined the ever growing list of South African vloggers like Moshe Ndiki (@moshendiki) and Hosana Ngobese (@Fash_Ngobese on social media).

He has a great following on social media, with 60, 000 Instagram followers who enjoy his video skits, and he did all that without the help of his sister Khanyi Mbau.

Huffington Post's article on him, shed light on the fact that the self-made star is actually related to the 'Whose Show Is It Anyway' presenter.

The young man who is working towards taking over the industry, resorted to social media after unsuccessful auditions and now calls himself "Babes Wamaleyvels".

According to Times article, the 18-year-old created three alter-egos – Dimima, Candy and Stacy – and, through them, comments on current affairs, pop culture and "cultural and racial stereotypes".

He says he was "attacked emotionally a lot in school (sic)" because of his sexuality, but he's had the last laugh over his schoolyard bullies. Although he is clearly a star in his own right, he refers to sister Khanyi Mbau in an Instagram post as his support structure.

Check out some of his work: