DJ Fresh. Picture: Instagram
DJ Fresh. Picture: Instagram

DJ Fresh insists he’s never forced himself on anybody

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Oct 4, 2021

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Radio personality DJ Fresh made an appearance on “Podcast and Chill” with MacG and gave more details regarding the rape allegations labelled against him and Euphonik.

In the two-part interview, DJ Fresh gave his accounts of how things happened from the initial online chatter to where things currently sit with their case.

He kicked off by telling his version of the events that transpired in the last section of the first part, mentioning that this all got started when Euphonik’s name was mentioned in the 2019 rapists’ lists that were all over social media at the time.

Dr Fresh, along with several other celebrities, released statements refuting the allegations made.

“Then some girl decides to post it on Facebook and then some poet girl (referring to Ntsiki Mazwai) whose name I shan't waste my energy on decides to post it on her Twitter.”

He goes on to talk about how Ntsiki lost the case in the High Court in Johannesburg and was ordered to stop making any further statements regarding DJ Fresh after she called him a rapist on social media.

Furthermore, DJ Fresh said after the case was made against him and Euphonik and claimed that he spoke to their station manager where they decide to step off the air contrary to what the Primedia Broadcasting statement said at the time.

In the second part of the interview, MacG and DJ Fresh speak about having sex with women before social media and how those interactions might not be perceived the same way now.

MacG goes on to ask: “have you been a saint the past 30 years?”

To which DJ Fresh replied: “As in have I forced myself on someone? No, I have not forced myself on anybody.”

The two DJs followed this up by speaking about having sex while intoxicated and MacG mentioned that in light of the currently Me Too movements era we live in that now it might be considered rape.

Asking DJ Fresh if he’s been with someone might interpret it as such now. “Like I said, I have not had unconsensual sex with anyone, Have I had drunk sex? Yes, I have had drunk sex. But I’ve never had unconsensual sex.”

When asked about where things are currently with the rape case levelled against them, DJ Fresh mentioned that they are waiting for the NPA to give them a nolle prosecute certificate and once they get it they might consider going for private prosecution.

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