DJ Maphorisa warns others from going on MacG’s podcast

DJ Maphorisa. Picture: Instagram

DJ Maphorisa. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 22, 2022


Local music producer DJ Maphorisa had a stern warning for people thinking of going on “Podcast and Chill with MacG”.

The “Midnight Starring” hitmaker recently jumped on Instagram Live, where he shared that before Mlindo, The Vocalist’s manager interview went live on the controversial podcast, MacG reached out to him.

In case you missed it, the “Abalele” star took aim at Mlindo in a lengthy Facebook post.

DJ Maphorisa alleged Mlindo double-crossed him with his road manager Nyiko.

“It’s so crazy how people will backstab you. Mlindo, the Vocalist came to Jozi. He didn’t know anyone, and I had to get him a road manager. Cool. I asked Nyiko to help Mlindo.

“At that time, Nyiko was super broke but a cool, hard-working guy, so I gave him a chance, not knowing the devil.

“To cut the story short, after two years, I hear Nyiko is Mlindo’s manager. They cut off my percentage. He promoted himself. I said I will let them be even though I could take him back. I left them to do their thing,” he said.

Following this, Nyiko appeared on “Podcast and Chill” and said he wanted to clear the air and said DJ Maphorisa should've called him instead of going to social media.

Nyiko admitted that the DJ gave Mlindo the help that he needed to branch out in the music industry. He said their relationship went south in 2020 when DJ Maphorisa wanted Mlindo to change to amapiano.

“Then Phori said if you guys are not gonna do amapiano, then do your own thing. You can manage him. Already there, I was the manager. I don't know why he was not aware”, he said.

On the recent IG live, he said that before he posted that thing, he called me and was like, bro, I was just letting you know there’s no bad blood.

To which Phori reassured him that he was just doing his job and there was no bad blood between them.

Following this, he did mention that while he has nothing against the podcaster, people need to be wary about appearing on his show since it could ruin their careers.

“MacG is a cool dude, but he will if you’re not careful, the man will destroy your career.

“He’ll invite you to his show and your words will get twisted and you end up in the ruins,” he said.