DJ Sbu interested in returning to the SABC but nothing is on the table yet

DJ Sbu. Picture: YouTube screenshot

DJ Sbu. Picture: YouTube screenshot

Published Apr 20, 2023


Entrepreneur and veteran radio personality DJ Sbu, real name Sibusiso Leope, recently shared on his YouTube channel his aspirations to rejoin the SABC.

He said he felt it was time to dispel the controversy about his relationship with the public broadcaster. It comes after the seasoned radio host was fired seven years ago for promoting his energy drink at the Metro FM Awards.

In the video that has been making rounds on social media, DJ Sbu is heard asking the question: “Would I go back to the SABC should the opportunity present itself?

“If an opportunity to represent my country presents itself I’ll gladly take it on,” said the Thembisa-born star.

“And for the right commercial deal, I’ll definitely go back to SABC and serve my country. Even if it’s not too much money or it is less than what I’m making on my own hustle… I wouldn’t put money first.

Setting the record straight, DJ Sbu said people must not think that there is a deal on the table to rejoin the public broadcaster.

He emphasised that there haven’t been any “talks” about him going back to the SABC.

“The reason I’m doing this video is to answer this question because it’s been following me all these years.

In the video clip, he also touched on the failed “Fired FM”, a project that included all the axed kings of the airwaves DJ Fresh, Thabo “Tbo Touch” Mo Gareth Cliff, Phat Joe and Robert Marawa.

In 2021, DJ Sbu and his “fired squad” hinted at starting a new radio station together but the plans have seemingly fallen through.

“Before Robert Marawa took on the opportunity that he is on now (947), and before Tbo Touch join Metro FM…we were all together, DJ Fresh had come on board for Fired FM and a lot of people were looking forward to that project, it almost happened.

“We all worked on it with the guys. We all sat down with some of the people who have been in the industry for quite some time and were interested in investing in the project.”

DJ Sbu added that “Fired FM nearly kicked off” but for reasons that he “cannot stipulate”, it all came to an abrupt halt.

The “Billionaires Under Construction: The Mindset of an Entrepreneur” went on to explain that even if the opportunity to rejoin the mainstream media again does not come again, he has had a great time in his career as a broadcaster.

“I think I’ve played my part. I’ve had a great career, and even if I don’t get an opportunity to get into mainstream platforms, I think I’m doing really well on the side.

“And I think I’ve had my fair share of enjoying mainstream platforms.

“I would like for young generations now to enjoy those platforms… people like Penuel and Nota Baloyi.”