DJ Sbu. Picture: Matthews Baloyi/
African News Agency (ANA)

DJ Sbu has been criticised for uploading some of ProKid's albums to Apple Music following the rapper's death, with some fans claiming he did it for profit. 

The music mogul worked with ProKid at TS Records where the fallen rapper released two albums, "Dankie San" and "Snakes & Ladders", in 2007 and 2009 respectively.

Neither of the albums was previously available on the Apple Music Store, prior to its release on Monday.

While some fans were happy to have his music digitally available others claimed the DJ Sbu was "capitalising" on the death of the rapper and could've done this while ProKid was alive. 

Speaking to TsishaLIVE, DJ Sbu refuted the claims that he was trying to make money off the rapper's death, adding that he doesn't need the money. 

"They asked me to upload it. I listened to the people. I am making good money with my other companies, I don't have to make money off anyone."

Furthermore, DJ Sbu stated that he uploaded the albums after receiving multiple requests from fans. 

"The entire TS records catalogue is not out on iTunes, only certain songs. But since his (ProKid's) passing last week, everyone has been asking me to upload his music. I eventually did so on Monday."

He also said that any royalties ProKid would have gotten from the streams and sales would go to the rapper's family. 

"Whatever is due to the artist, goes to the artist and when the artist is no longer alive it goes to the artist's family. It has been happening for many years. 

"We helped Pro reach the superstardom he deserved. I was a fan of his when was still an underground act. As soon as we had a partnership, we helped expose him to a bigger audience and he became huge. I have always tried to do my part. 

Whoever was with me at the time was making good money and looking after their lives. Whatever happened after we go our separate lives, I, unfortunately, can't be held responsible for."