DJ Speedsta. Picture: Instagram
DJ Speedsta. Picture: Instagram

DJ Speedsta releases a statement regarding rape allegation on Twitter

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Sep 9, 2019

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Following rape allegations made on Twitter, DJ Speedsta released a statement denying the claims made against him on Sunday. 

Gender-based violence, femicide and rape culture have dominated news headlines and national discourse this past week. 

This saw lists popping up on Twitter where sexual assault victims anonymously shared their stories including the names of their alleged rapists and sexual assault offenders. 

In a thread posted by the @AmINext_SA account, the "Mayo" producer was named with the story from the victim on Thursday. 

Taking to Twitter DJ Speedsta released a statement regarding the rape allegation against him. 

In the statement he "vehemently" denies the allegations made against him. He said that he grew up around women that he loves and respects them. He added that he would never think about "forcing himself on to another woman". 

DJ Speedsta also mentions that he has "female friends" he has known his entire life and who trust him with their lives. And that he works with "females" every day and that he upholds the "highest degree of respect and integrity" while interacting with them. 

The "No Stress" producer goes on the say that he doesn't condone gender-based violence and will be participating in creating awareness against the "crimes that are being perpetrated" against the women in the country. 

Furthermore, he mentions that he is someone of "very high moral standards" and he will not "tolerate" accusations that can damage his reputation. 

Also, saying that if the victim feels differently that she should lay criminal charges so that he could respond to the allegations made against him in an appropriate forum. 

DJ Speedsta is seeking legal advice to lay charges of his own with regards to crimen injuria and/or instituting a claim for defamation. 

See the full statement below: 

It has come to my attention that certain allegations of sexual misconduct and rape have been made against me on social media, specifically on Twitter in light of the recent and ongoing campaigns against femicide and gender-based violence. 

These allegations were published on a Twitter account based on anonymity and I also do not know the identity of the owner of the account. I vehemently deny any and all allegations contained in the above mentioned Twitter post or at all. 

All my life I have grown up around women that I love and respect and I would never ever even think about inappropriately forcing myself onto another woman. I have female friends that I have known my entire life and who trust me with their lives. 

I work with females every single day of my life and always ensure that I uphold the highest degree of respect and integrity in all my engagements with them. I have a partner whom I treat with all the respect that she and every other woman in this world deserves.

 I do not condone any form of gender-based violence and I will do anything in my power in participating and creating awareness against the horrific crimes that are being perpetrated against our female population. 

At the same time, I am an individual with very high moral standards and I will not tolerate such false accusations that infringe on my morals, integrity as a human being and with potential grave consequences on my reputation in society. 

To reiterate, the allegations published about me are untrue, unfounded and without basis. If the anonymous accuser feels different, I urge her to lay criminal charges with the relevant authorities, so that I can be given an opportunity to respond factually to any allegations and clear my name in the appropriate forum. 

I can confirm that I am also seeking legal advice regarding laying criminal charges of my own for crimen injuria and/or instituting a claim for defamation. 

To those that I have an existing working and personal relationship with, I apologise for these unfortunate events and hope that we can continue fostering the healthy relationships that we have established up until now. Regards, DJ Speedsta.

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