DJ Tira. Picture: Supplied

A horrifying turn of events that shocked Mzansi when a video of a man being mauled by a lion emerged on social media on Wednesday.

In a video that went viral a man known as Michael Hodge, who is said to be the owner of the game farm, is seen walking behind the lion, and then the lion turned around and chased him. The lion dragged and attacked Hodge.

While Hodge is lying in the ground, a lady is heard screaming for help while the man is asking for someone to hand him a gun to shoot the lion.

WATCH: Wildlife park owner survives savage lion attack

The lion, fondly known by social media fans as Shamba, was later shot and killed at the Marakele Predator Park - the incident that instigated an uproar on social media as users refer to Shamba's killing as cruel.

The hashtag RIPShamba was born, which top the trending list on Wednesday, throughout Thursday morning, even record producer, muso and a founder of a record label called Afrotainment DJ Tira also wants to honour  Shimba by writing a song in his memory.

And some of the reactions to DJ Tira's 'upcoming track', are just hilarious:

While Hodge is reportedly recovering in hospital, seemingly Mzansi is mourning the death of Shamba. There's a memorial being held for the fallen lion.