DJ Tira. Picture: Supplied

Afrotainment founder DJ Tira had his fans shook after he announced on Thursday that he would be increasing his feature prices.

Taking to Twitter, Malume stated that his  "Chikichikichaaaaaa" ad-lib will now cost you R50 000, a verse R70 000 and a chorus will set artists and producers back R100 000. 


Now, it is not uncommon for high profile artists to charge huge amounts with Nicki Minaj stating back in 2010 on Kanye West's song 'Monster' that she was getting "50K for a verse, no album out".

However, tweeples were left shook from reading how much money you have to cough up to get DJ Tira on a track. 

DJ Tira, however, did go on the explain why he charges what his "average songs makes people hundreds of thousands" and made it clear that he doesn't make average songs.