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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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DJ Zinhle gets candid about switching off the noise on social media

Ahead of the season two of ‘The Unexpected’, DJ Zinhle gets candid with IOL Entertainment. Picture: Instagram

Ahead of the season two of ‘The Unexpected’, DJ Zinhle gets candid with IOL Entertainment. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 27, 2022


Ntombezinhle Jiyane aka DJ Zinhle, is one of the most talked about women in South Africa. The mother, DJ, author, entrepreneur and reality TV star is always a hot topic on social media.

You won’t be mistaken for thinking that the gossip mill is obsessed with with her.

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Despite all the attention, she’s given the public a glimpse into her personal life with her reality show “The Unexpected”, which is gearing up to return to BET Africa for its second season in August.

The trailer entices viewers with clips of Zinhle wearing a head scarf with ululating sounds in the background as well as moments of her breaking down.

In the first season, which was considered a “special” revolved around Zinhle’s businesses, home life and second pregnancy, as viewers witnessed her and her boyfriend Bongani Mohosana aka Murdah Bongz’s failed attempt at setting up Asante’s crib.

So what made the mother of two return for another season?

She explained that she always sets out to finish the tasks she starts. Working with her family and a great team behind the scenes was also something that motivated her to agree to another season.

“We just thought it was an ordinary transition to do another season and I think that’s why we all agreed.”

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When it comes to the public the “Umlilo” hitmaker’s life is always of major interest, whether it is her relationships with the fathers of her kids or just her friendships, social media eats it up.

“The show is basically about my life. I feel like it’s always been a great opportunity for me to just show people who I am. My beliefs, my values, my family and my work,” she said.

With her life constantly topping trends on social media, Zinhle shared that she does not base her life around social media and viewers will be seeing her “reality” and the things she does on a daily basis.

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“I literally am doing what I do on a daily basis, that’s why it’s called reality and it’s not always smooth. There are times where I am not okay and I’m battling with things and that’s exactly what I’m trying to show on the show as honestly as I can,” she said.

These days Zinhle is hitting back at trolls and not letting the nonsense slide. She most recently took on trolls and let them know that if they wanted to bully her they should do it publicly and not in her DMs.

One has to wonder how she handles all the hogwash that is said about her beyond just pressing the block and delete button.

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“I have a strong sense of value, I’ve got things that I believe in and luckily the people that I have around me, like my boyfriend, my family, my friends and the people that I work with, also understand and I think that’s why we work so well together.

“Those are the people that I’m accountable to, my children and I don’t think I’m accountable to anyone on social media. Especially because I don’t know if they have enough insight or if they have the experience to critique the kind of living that I have chosen to go for.”

“I just feel like I need to be accountable to people that I love and care for. I literally cannot be accountable to the whole country, unfortunately,” she shared.

Zinhle explained that she chooses to focus on the opinions of those who matter to her, especially when it comes to the negativity on social media. She does, however, note that there is positivity on social media, which she draws from.

“There are conversations that need to happen in this country around women and their role and how they are judged for certain things. People won’t change how they think unless we have these tough conversations and if I need to be part of the tough conversation to save my girl children in the future, then I’m going to be a part of those conversations.”

With women constantly under scrutiny on social media and with a bigger microscope being on women than men, the DJ said that if her being a part of the conversation helps change the narrative then she is ready to trend.

She said in order to reach her fullest potential as a creative she does “switch off” from the drama on social media and even her close circle knows not to bring it to her attention.

“The Unexpected” premieres on BET Africa (DStv channel 129) on August 6 at 7.30pm.