DJ Zinhle, Pearl Thusi and Ntsiki Mazwai. Picture: Instagram
DJ Zinhle, Pearl Thusi and Ntsiki Mazwai. Picture: Instagram

DJ Zinhle jumps into Pearl Thusi vs Ntsiki Mazwai twar

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published May 28, 2019

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Pearl Thusi's BFF DJ Zinhle jumped into the ongoing twar with her and Ntsiki Mazwai on Monday. 

In case you missed it, Thusi and Mazwai have been in an ongoing spat which started last week when the local poet called Thusi "obnoxious" with the "Behind The Story" host responding by telling her fans to shower Mazwai with love. 

Things seemed to have calmed down even though the "Uyangisukela" artist is still throwing jabs at Thusi. 

However, Mazwai must have been more upset than she initially let on as she opted to cancel her appearance on "Behind The Story" with Pearl Thusi. 

In a now deleted tweet Thusi said: "Just heard Ntsiki pulled out of the interview for Behind The Story. Really bummed because the way I conduct the interviews was never going to be offensive, if that was going to the issue. Was looking forward to a productive and insightful conversation. Alas.."

DJ Zinhle then jumped in to defend her friend and said: "Typical cyber bully.. They are only brave behind their phones." Zinhle added that she's knows a cybery bully when she see one because she's experienced it before.

"Im talking from experience. Been a victim myself & not once have I ever said anything negative about the lady. I'm jus grown & I know that none of it has anything to do with me, some people r feeling so low & the only hope of ever feeling better is by stepping on others.(sic)".

Never being late with a clap back Mazwai responded to the "My Name Is" producer's first tweet and said that she thinks DJ Zinhle was "hurt" by her comment that Bonang had more zing. 

Going on to say that when women have power they are branded a bully. 

Thusi tweeted that she can't see any of Mazwai's tweets since she's been blocked by her "ages ago" and said Mazwai is busy tweeting about Thusi even though she is blocked.

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