A TRAVELLING exhibition of black-and-white photographs titled Bridges is to be shown at the Durban Art Gallery as part of the France/South Africa Season from Sunday to January 18.

The exhibition celebrates a 15-year long collaboration between documentary photographers Andrew Tshabangu of South Africa and René-Paul Savignan of Reunion Island.

The focal point of the work is spiritual and religious practice and the artists spent time researching and documenting the subject in both countries.

On Reunion Island, because of its diverse ethnicities, a complex range of religious beliefs is found. The focus in South Africa has been the many ways in which Christianity is interpreted and experienced by Africans.

Bridges comprises 80 photographs selected from thousands of images captured over the years. Together they explore and document that most fundamental of human needs: the expression of spiritual longing through communal ritual.

Well-known photographer Peter McKenzie will facilitate two workshops/ seminars with Tshabangu and Savignan; one at the KZNA Centre for Photography on Friday; the other on Monday at the Durban Art Galley. Both run from noon to 2pm, are free and open to the public.

• For more information, contact Jenny Stretton at 031 332 7286 or e-mail [email protected]