Ntando Duma. Picture: Instagram
Ntando Duma. Picture: Instagram

EFF sends celebrities their Covid-19 relief paycheques

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published May 5, 2020

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The EFF has made good on their promise to support artists who have been on their stage during these difficult times. 

In his Freedom Day message, EFF leader Julius Malema said the party had taken a decision to financially support all artists who have been with the political party from its inception.

One such person is actress and TV presenter Ntando Duma, who is smiling all the way to the bank after the party deposited money into her bank account because of her loyalty to them.

Taking to Twitter, Ntando said she had received a payment notification referenced as "EFF Relief Fund".
Ntando was not the only one who was happy about the deposit. 

Rapper Fifi Cooper suggested she, too, may have received money from the political party. Retweeting Ntando's tweet, Fifi wrote: "The best notification FNB has ever sent ka 2020."
During his address, Malema said the party was aware of the financial difficulty South African artists were facing and had plans to help those who had supported the party or performed at its events.  

“We are aware the crisis brought by Covid-19 will affect artists and entertainers the most as the majority of these people depend on festivals and events to make a living. Because of the necessity for social distancing, it is clear we will not see concerts, parties, weddings, festivals and other gatherings through which they make a living.”  

“All musicians and entertainers who have ever been on our stage or event will get financial support to help ease the economic burden caused by Covid-19.”

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