Emtee. Picture: Supplied

Local rapper Emtee has hit back at a fan for claiming the Xhosa men are thought violence against women during ukwaluka —  a Xhosa tradition into manhood.

In the wake of the outrage caused with the premiere of 'Inxeba (The Wound)', several male celebrities taken to social media to express their views on the subject of matter the film.

Loyiso Bala was one of the local celebs who was dragged by Twitter for his opinion on the film. The musician slammed the film for ridiculing and disrespecting the Xhosa culture.

Emtee threw in his two cents after Twitter user @Nkathazo_Shezi claimed that Xhosa men are thought to be violent and de-humanise women. Stating that the first thing they are told is to sleep with a girl to "cleanse yourself". 

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The 'We Up' rapper then replied to the tweet, stating Shezi shouldn't "disrespect [his] culture" and that it's not for "social media hypothesis" and that he's proud he made it out alive. 

Speaking to TsishaLIVE late last year, Emtee also spoke out against the film. "Our ancestors did not walk around with video recorders and why should we do that now? It is wrong. I don't even want to watch it. It is sacred. You can't go around town just blabbing about the ceremony or showing it," he said.