Emtee. Picture: Supplied

Rapper Emtee is trying to put a positive spin on the "D**klet" debacle, but it's unlikely that anyone is going to fall for it.

This morning, Twitter feasted on the gift that keeps on giving as Emtee accidently bared his manhood in an Instagram live video.

The clip, which is hot property on social media at the moment, features the "Roll Up" star speaking to his 739 000 followers in the act of relieving himself when he clumsily films his member as he attempts to multi-task aiming and recording.

Many remarked on the size of the offending appendage in question. But Emtee is putting on a brave face and doesn’t seem fazed about the incident. He posted a funny emoji, accompanied by a GIF that looks like the guy is saying the joke is on you. Tweeps, however, are still hung up about just how hung Emtee is, or isn't.

Fans get an eyeful as Emtee's manhood goes viral

He posted: Tweeps continued to slam the rapper, some even questioning whether the Roll Up hitmaker is circumcised or not.

Although, the question still remains: What possessed him to do an Insta-video while relieving himself?