Enhle Mbali speaks at the In Good Company Experience. Picture: Instagram

Actress Enhle Mbali laid her soul bare at the In Good Company Experience Summit in Johannesburg on Tuesday night where she was one of the keynote speakers.

Hosted by Nonzamo Mbatha, the In Good Company Experience is a dialogue for women held by women in an effort to support and push women further in whatever industries they pursue.

Taking to the stage, Mbali opened up about her husband, DJ Black Coffee's, alleged infidelity, the meaning of sisterhood and how other women keep sliding into her hubby's DMs. Coffee was one of the guests in the crowd.

Mbali said that her "sisters" did her wrong while referring to the rumours of Coffee's alleged affair with a model in 2013.

“How do we as women stand here all month and salute ourselves for all this power when we cannot say on a simple situation that a sister did you wrong? 

"Yes, everyone is equally to blame,” she added before pointing at her husband in the audience and said “I love you” to him.

“A sister did me wrong. I heard comments such as ‘she thinks she’s perfect, even Beyoncé gets cheated on’. My own sisters make their way to my husband’s inbox, in the industry and out of the industry. The very same sisters that I fight for,” Mbali continued.

“This is the truth I wanted to speak of. How deep is our womanhood? Are we only sisters when we need something from each other? Are we only sisters when I don’t want your man or the job you have? Or the shoes or clothes you have? Where does our womanhood start and where does it end?" she asked.

"...my journey here is to make sure that women understand what sisterhood is. The depth of how much we hurt each other comes from the fact that we are hurt,” she added.

Mbali's speech soon made it's way on to social media, and while some supported the star's honesty, others comments were not so kind.