DJ Euphonik. Picture: Instagram
DJ Euphonik. Picture: Instagram

Euphonik weighs in on KO's spat with fan

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Oct 1, 2019

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There is no doubt that when it comes to music, Euphonik knows just about everything there is to know. 

So it comes as no surprise that the international club DJ decided to weigh in on some drama brewing on the Twitter streets. 

Euphonik weighed in on why people download music on illegal platforms after rapper K.O called out a fan for illegally downloading his new album, "PTY UnLTD".

K.O chastised the fan when he posted a screenshot, which he since deleted, of his digital album after downloading it illegally, saying he was disrespecting his “blood, sweat and tears”.

The "Supa Dupa" hit maker was not done as he added, “Yet you say you dig the album". 

While some social media users shamed the fan as well, some defended him saying he still used money to download the album.

Euphonik responded to K.O, saying he sympathised with him but “many people don't know what piracy is”. 
“In his mind he's spent his data, not the cheapest thing in SA, to listen to you which if you consider how much music is out there is amazing that he chose you." 
Euphonik said instead of crucifying people for making choices with “limited knowledge”, K.O should instead educate them. “I think if he knew better he would do better. He listened and posted which means his heart is in the right place. Now educate his mind,” he said.

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