SA musician Vusi Nova. Picture: File photo
Afro-pop singer Vusi Nova has given his account of the hijacking incident that saw him stripped and beaten.

He sustained a bad cut above his eye, and was forced to cancel his comeback gig on Sunday due to the severe swelling.

Speaking to Sowetan, Vusi said that he and a friend were kidnapped outside his Mellville home in Johannesburg on Friday morning.

During the hours that followed, Vusi was beaten, stripped and threatened by his attackers.

"They slapped me many times. The said they would cut my d*ck off and my nipples and then kill me," recalls Vusi.

Vusi explained that he was asked questions, one of which was what he did for a living. When he said he was a singer, his attackers instructed him to sing.

"They instructed me to sing and I told them I didn't have a voice. And then they slapped me."

According to Vusi's management team, he's scheduled to see an eye specialist on Monday because his vision is badly impaired on account of the eye injury.

Vusi added that he would not be seeking counselling as he prefers to do things on his own.

"I've been through so many things in my life and I have to carry on. I've always relied on myself. The number one person is me," he said.