EVERYDAY GUY: Emtee wants to be a ghetto hero, like Steve Biko. Picture: Alex Kamutondole

Whether accidentally or intentionally, Emtee has exposed his manhood for all to see. In an insta video that has gone viral, the rapper exposed himself while urinating.

In his defence, Emtee appeared to be embarrassed when he realised that he had captured a very private moment during the live broadcast. In the video, he is heard saying: "Sh*t I'm in the loo. Hope y'all didn't see my d*ck by accident."

Although the rapper deleted the video, the footage has been shared across various social media platforms.

The question remains: what possessed him to do an insta video while relieving himself?

And his reaction is priceless:

The Pearl Thusi hitmaker is being roasted online as posters are scrambling to make fun of him. Fans have asked whether the rapper was high when he "accidentally" posted the video. Some are even pleading with recording label to check the rapper into rehab.

Check out Twitter reactions as the rapper is mocked for the size of his penis. Let's see if Emtee will get out of this one.