Fans support Katlego Maboe’s return to TV



Published Aug 8, 2022


After his life was turned upside down two years ago when he was embroiled in a cheating scandal, Katlego Maboe seems to be on the rise again.

On August 8, the “Expresso Morning Show” presenter sat down with co-host Graeme Richards to share with viewers his experiences during this time of turmoil.

“The ‘new’ me is certainly not the ‘old’ me. But, there are certainly elements of the ‘old’ me that remain that I think have stood me in good stead,” said Maboe.

He said no matter what has happened to him over the past couple of years, he never wanted to let go of this desire to be a force of positivity in people’s lives.

“There have been many touch-and-go moments where my self-identity was questioned, but I worked my way through it with support from friends and family and people who I met in person or on social media, who have constantly told me to ‘Get up and start again’.”

Maboe will be a regular face on the morning lifestyle show as he rejoins the team.

“A lot has changed. I didn’t know what this would feel like – but the kitchen still smells good! I don’t even recognise the place any more. It felt strange. It felt good. It felt welcoming, like home – just a home that you haven’t seen in a long time,” he said.

He said he missed the studio, the love and the smiles.

“I feel genuine love and warmth when I walk into the studio and it feels reciprocated. No matter what was happening in my life around me, I was always able to walk through that door and know that there would be a surge of this welcoming feeling. I missed that.”

“I would always walk out of here feeling like I could conquer the world every single time. That was a natural part of the bubbly energy that I had and, for a long time, that flame was extinguished. It’s amazing to officially be back. I love that ‘Expresso’ always has been, remains, and always will be about the South African viewer who chooses to tune in every single day,” he said.

Meanwhile, fans are thrilled to see Maboe back on the small screen as he trended on Twitter for days before and on his return.

He took to Twitter to write: “Straight from the ❤️ Thank you ZA. Words fail to encapsulate this moment and it’s significance, not just for me, but for my family and all who have poured into my cup – you have filled me to the brim and kea tsholloga! Kea leboga! #KatIsBack.”

On the “Expresso Morning Show” Instagram page, Maboe shared a video message.

The caption read: “We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all your love across all our platforms today, it didn’t go unnoticed. Thank You 💛 #ExpressoShow.”

On Twitter @Jabu_Macdonald wrote: “I will never forget how cancel culture ruined his career all for nothing 💔 honestly I can’t wait to see him on the screen from next week #KatIsBack.”

@SandyB27 tweeted: “Welcome back Katlego #KatIsBack , you will succeed even better and more. You deserve this. God bless!”

— Sandra Beneke (@SandyB27) August 8, 2022

@KuneneMlamuli wrote: “Watching Expresso for the very first time, since Katlego Maboe left. Welcome back Kat. #KatIsBack.”

“Watching Expresso Show for the first time since Katlego was gone. What a lovely show, he’s still good in his work. Welcome back Kat, #KatIsBack,“ tweeted @Blackdi57492567.

“Expresso Morning Show” airs weekdays from 6am to 9am on S3.