Fans triggered by Zodwa Wabantu’s latest video: ‘Consider your son’

Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram

Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 12, 2023


Just when we thought controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu couldn’t do anything more to surprise us, she does.

Wabantu, who is also exploring the calling of sangoma, is well-known for posting racy videos of herself dancing at events and doing other “crazy” things.

That said, she has gone and topped her previous acts by posting a clip of herself rubbing her private parts and sniffing her fingers while uttering, “Aah it’s right (with a thumbs up)”.

Accompanied with the caption, “I thank you for Everything that you have Done for me😂🙏🏻❤️ Ikhekhe lakhe Liyamsebenzela😂😂😂 Have a Laughing Night my People👊🏽.”

However, the video got a thumbs down from her fans who say that she has no “self-value and dignity” and should “consider her son” before posting these videos online.

Her fans are worried that the reality star’s career and posts could affect her son mentally.

@le_socialiste_ said: “I am asking myself if she is thinking about her son’s future ... He can become a great man, how can he face this unrespectful video ...”

@blessedpeter1 commented: “Anything for Clout.. U not Even Thinking about your son ... The Disrespect he’s GONNA be getting from his Peers at School and at home???”

@teeocean7 wrote: “Oh NOOOO Zodzwa, NOOO, hayi ENOUGH, don't you have the TINIEST bit of respect for yourself? Okay if you don’t care, please consider YOUR SON!!! You do know you are not the only woman with a PRIVATE part right? Nooooo!”

@veroseiso added: “Hai hai I like you but this is not cool ... a little respect for your private sector please sis♥️”

@iammarcusmckeon wrote: “No self-value and dignity. She now has a public part instead of a private part.”

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