Lesego 'ThickLeeyonce' Legobane. Picture: Instagram

Local plus-size model and influencer Lesego “Thick Leeyonce” Legobane is recovering in ICU after being involved in a horrific car accident. 

Tweeting from her hospital bed, she said: "been in ICU for the past days, this is the most traumatic experience of my life." It appears that the photographer was involved in a collision with her siblings in the vehicle. 

Although she didn't elaborate on how or when the accident occurred, by the looks of the accompanying photos, the accident was more than just a fender bender.

"I cannot thank my God enough for giving me a second chance to live. God protected me and my siblings from a very tragic accident, I am filled with gratitude.
I am still in ICU and recovering," she tweeted.

Many of her followers and fans tweeted their well wishes, hoping she has a speedy recovery.