Tebogo Louw. Picture: Instagram

Former 'Idols SA' contestant Tebogo Louw confessed to dating two women and made it clear that they have met each other. 

Tebogo Louw recently released is debut album 'Ageless' and in his song 'Not Asking', he admits to being in a relationship with two women and how he accepts love from both of them. 

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Speaking to DRUM Magazine, the singer explained his current relationship status and how the polygamous situation came about.

“The song was inspired by my relationships. I live in Pretoria and I’ve been dating my girlfriend in Cape Town for four years. I also have a girlfriend in Johannesburg who I’ve been dating since June last year.”

While at first, the two women did not know of one another the singer stated that he had to come clean to them because he couldn't keep the lie going. 

“I spoke to them individually and I asked if they would be comfortable with meeting each other and they were fine.”

According to Louw, the two women seemed OK with meeting each other but tensions were flying high when the meeting actually happened. 

“There was a lot of tension when they met and it became very uncomfortable for them.” 

The singer added that if the two women were open to going into a polygamous marriage, he would love to marry them.

“I genuinely love them and if they are okay with both being married to me then I would be a happy guy.”

When both of his girlfriends heard 'Not Asking' they were initially uncomfortable, but they understood that he needs to express himself in his music. 

 “I know I’m not the only guy dating two women, but I’m honest about it.”