Sury and his wife Daniela Boltman. Picture: Instagram
Sury and his wife Daniela Boltman. Picture: Instagram

Former Jag member Sury Boltman tests positive for Covid-19

By Venecia Valentine Time of article published Apr 6, 2020

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Cape Town musician and former member Sury Boltman of the boy band Jag has taken to social media to reveal he has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Sury Boltman, 41, is a father of two - daughter Anica, nine and son Mica, seven,- and currently lives with wife Daniela, 37, in Lisbon, Portugal.

On Thursday, Sury told followers that he could have contracted the virus last month when he was one of many crew members stuck on board the Costa Magica cruise ship.

“After the performance on the cruise liner, I was meant to fly in to the Caribbean, embark for two nights to do my show and fly back home, but I was stuck on board as none of the ports on the islands would let us dock,” he explains.

“After a few days on board, by some miracle one port agreed to let me disembark with a few dancers, leaving behind all our colleagues. I felt a lot of mixed emotions as I was happy to be on my way back home, but also worried about the rest left behind.”

Sury says his daughter has also tested positive but his son and wife are negative.

“We have decided as a family to self-quarantine and distance ourselves for each other’s safety,” he says.

“We are washing our hands religiously and wearing masks, disinfecting everything constantly, like door handles, floors and everything you can touch.

“Currently my kids are home schooling in separate rooms, we all have separate rooms. I have told my kids to draw on their masks just to break the ice.”

Sury says it’s a frustrating process but each of them understands the importance of isolation.

“It’s very frustrating but they are very aware of how important this is.

“My wife is Consul for the Austrian Embassy and as a precaution decided to set up home office. Travelling is none existent right now.”

On Friday morning he posted an update to say they are feeling better.

Sury was formerly a member of Jag with Cape Town stars Loukmaan and Emo Adams, Mono Dullisear and Nur Abrahams.

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