Former Scandal actor Nomvelo Makhanya speaks on healing after leaving the show

Nomvelo Makhanya. Picture: Instagram

Nomvelo Makhanya. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 4, 2024


Former etv Scandal actor 28-year-old Nomvelo Makhanya, who played the character Lindiwe Ngema, shared in a podcast interview that she had healed after leaving the popular soap opera.

After joining the industry at just 16 years old, Makhanya, who was on the show for nine years, said in an interview with Ancillar Nombewu, of ‘Access Genie Podcast with Ancillar Nombewu’, she had healed from the pain and shock of Lindiwe being written out of the show when she least expected it.

In 2022 she opened up to the public and said her former workplace was toxic and had she stayed, it would have probably driven her to suicide.

Responding to the allegations, etv’s Scandal production said that the production was “unaware” that the workplace had become a ”toxic environment“ for the actor.

When asked if she faced any retaliation for speaking out publicly about the reasons she left, the award winning actor now turned DJ said people in power always want to show you that they hold the cards.

When you start speaking out they want to make sure that you struggle, Makhanya said. She talked about being blacklisted for a while, making it difficult to find work.

Makhanya said that financially she did not have much of a setback because she had her savings and content creating was also generating money for her.

Getting back to her healing, the host delved into her progress to date. “You never really know how healed you are until you go back to the very thing that hurt you,” Makhanya said.

She also shared that when she was on their set a few weeks back accompanying a friend who is a DJ and was shooting something with them, she felt amazing. She did not feel any anger, no hurt, no noise and she was received with so much joy and love.

Makhanya says she is grateful for therapy and her support system because she has healed.