FOR more than three decades Fernando Lamy has kept SA in stitches with his amazing sense of humour.

The Comic’s Choice Awards proved that this Kloof resident knows his funny side very well, as he was nominated in two categories.

This Portuguese boy was only 11 when he first arrived in SA and could not speak a word of English or Afrikaans, but soon mastered both languages. He quickly realised he had a great passion for entertaining and wrote the lyrics and music for the early Afrikaans hit movie, Erf Goed Is Sterf Goed.

“I’ve always said to people that I’m not a comedian, I am an entertainer, and I wanted to do comedy with a difference,” said Lamy.

This funny man doesn’t only crack jokes, but enjoys singing and miming as well.

In the late ’70s, Lamy was asked to join the comedy group Headline. They performed at Father’s Moustache, a pub in Durban, five nights a week for many years.

Lamy then moved on to form the comedy group Glam, before forming part of the comedy duo Cheers, which performed from 1992 to 1996.

“Comedy is what I love doing most. It doesn’t matter how my days go; when I am on stage, I am in control… ” said Lamy.

• Catch Lamy from Friday to Sunday (June 1 to 3) at The Sterling Theatre, Durban North Italian Club. Shows are 8pm and 3pm on Sunday, R80 a ticket, bring your own snacks. Call 076 786 1127.